Tips on Buying a Classic Car

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

People who are into cars often have the desire to build or restore a classic car. The idea of bringing a car back to its former glory is something that is often on their mind so they often look for classic cars for sale.

Now most people looking for a classic car for sale is either looking for a complete wreck that needs a lot of working normally including getting welding done and treating rust, especially if the classic car is a UK classic car as the salt on our roads really does speed up the rotting process. However there is another kind of person that just likes the idea of buying a fully restored classic car these people enjoy tinkering with car but are just not up for doing any major work maybe they don't have the time or the patience but either way finding the right classic car for sale is going to be a long process.

So what is it you need to do to find the perfect classic car for sale? You need to decide which category you fall into, do you like "tinkering" or you up for doing a major overhaul restoration? I am a very hands on guy I am after perfection so I may start out just tinkering but in no time the whole car would be stripped an I will be starting from scratch again!

So what is the differences in prices when it comes to classic cars for sale? Well if you buy one that needs a full restoration then you can pick them up pretty cheaply and on the odd occasion you can pick them up for free I have done in the past! If you are looking just to tinker then I would suggest you take a peak at the bottom of this page.

The trouble with restoring a classic car is that you never have enough money they are complete money pits however you need to decide whether they are worth it or not. I would also have a budget the double it as more often than not you will find something that you didn't expect.

Finding a classic car for sale can be good fun and normally driving around you local area you may be able to find one in someone's garden or you might see a garage door open with a car in it. I did this and found some real bargains when I was younger. I am going to stereotype a bit here but here goes. Most males love classic cars and they buy them with every hope of restoring them but after a couple of years of them stuck in the garage the wife normally gets fed up and wants them gone so this is the time when to buy a classic car as the wife is bound to be nagging for the car to go and when you knock on the door and offer to take it away they rarely say no.

So when buying a classic car take all the above into account don't rush into it take your time remember if you buy one to tinker make sure that it is just a tinker car. Say for example you can drive it away once its been sold this is a tinker car in my books. If you want something a little more involved then you will need a garage a fair bit of knowledge and a good bit of money behind you, not just for buying parts but you may need some extra tools but I don't see tools as an expense.

But above all a classic car for sale can make a wife very happy and your wife very unhappy but still go out and enjoy it.

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