Detail Classic Car Parts - Every Little Detail Matters

Monday, March 19, 2012

You know every little detail classic car enthusiasts notice. From the shiny exterior paint to the posh interior, detailing your classic car makes it stand out from the competition. Discerning car owners know a true classic is defined by its condition. When you detail your classic car, you keep it in showroom shape for years to come.

Detailing your classic ride includes several different aspects of car care. Usually the car is washed by hand and the interior is shampooed. The exterior may be power polished or waxed by hand with carnuba wax. You may decide to have protection applied to the fabric or leather interior so it stays clean and fresh. Many classic car owners also have the engine cleaned for optimum appearance and performance.

Besides cleaning your classic car, ongoing maintenance is essential. If you own a classic car to bring to shows, you already know classic car parts can be difficult to find. By maintaining the car regularly, you are aware when parts needs to be replaced. Instead of scurrying for parts before a show, your car is ready to go when you need it.

Muscle car owners show off both the beauty and performance of their classic cars. It's not enough for their classic car to look gorgeous. Muscle car owners also want optimum performance so they can race their classics to victory. Keeping muscle car parts updated is key if you want to be ready to win the race in style.

Detailing keeps your classic car in excellent condition. One of the reasons you are able to own a classic vehicle is thanks to the dedicated maintenance done in the past. When you properly maintain your classic car , it keeps its resale and car show value.

Your regular maintenance routine begins with washing your car regularly. Use a car wash formulated for classic vehicles to keep the exterior in top shape. Make sure to wash your car with plenty of water so the soap doesn't dry out. After washing your ride, dry it off with a detailing cloth or chamois. Leaving water spots can cause mineral deposits to form on the paint.

When you car is washed and dry, check for any stubborn grime such as road tar, pollution or bird droppings. Lubricant and detailing clay will get rid of these potentially corrosive materials. Clean the interior windows, dashboard and seating then vacuum the floors. Make sure to use the right cleaning products for fabric, leather or vinyl interior.

After washing, polish or wax your classic car for the ultimate shine. Make sure to clean the tires, underside, boot interior and inside the engine compartment. Check your oil, fluids and tire levels every week. Have your classic car regularly maintained and updated so it always looks and runs its best. With dedicated maintenance, your classic vehicle is a timeless treasure.


  1. Cars are meant to be driven. Leaving a vehicle unattended for a long period of time can cause something akin to automotive atrophy, a slow deterioration of the vehicle that can create problems when you try to drive it again. Rust and corrosion can form on the body or inside critical components, gum and varnish can clog the fuel system, sludge and acids can form in the engine oil, mildew can grow in the interior, and constant sunlight can slowly fade the paint and deteriorate vinyl, leather, and rubber parts. That's why if you need to store your vehicle—whether for the winter or because it can't be driven for an indefinite period of time—certain precautions should be taken before you put it into mothballs.

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  2. I consider automobile detailing as an art. It can keep you engrossed and is quite indulging if you really have the love for automobiles. I have a penchant for classic cars of yesteryears which were a piece of art if compared to the design of modern times. Car detailing is a passionate affair and even I indulge at least once in three months to detail my cars. I refer mostly on the internet for new tips and techniques and have found to be of great help. They advise effectively on how to keep your car in ship shape for years to come.


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