Before The Classic Cars There Was Antique and Vintage

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Timeless, this is how classic cars are often described. A car is considered classic if it achieves a collectible value. The most popular classic cars don't have a particular genre. And there are many debates on how classic cars should be defined.

Let's take a look at the evolution of automobiles first and see what vehicles were like before the classic cars.

The first on the list is the antique cars of the 1880-1916. It was previously called the horseless carriages. The first horseless carriage used steam. Nicholas-Joseph Cugnot was acknowledged for creating the first full scale steam vehicle. It can accommodate four passengers. Since then, the automobile has evolved in so many aspects like, designs, colors and power source. Much is credited for the early designs of these cars. It has paved way for the creation of many other classic cars.

1916-1924 is the age for Vintage automobiles. This is the result of the horseless carriage evolution. Everything was better with the car in this era. From its machinery down to its comfort, it was more comfortable to drive and ride in. The designs were also more stylish and fashionable. There were innovations in terms of rolling windows and other car features. It was also the era where durability was given importance. More affordable automobiles were available too. It made traveling easier. It was the age of discovery and creativity.

The classic cars came after the Vintage era. The term classic is often used to describe an older car. But many would contest. According to some, not all old cars can be considered classic. It has to exude elegance and sophistication before a car can be labeled as such. For some, before a car can be considered as classic, it has to be top ranked. It should represent quality and class. It should be brilliantly planned in terms of style and engineering.

Some of the popular names of classic cars include the following:

o Alfa Romeo, an Italian automobile manufacturer established in 1910.

o Bayerische Motoren Werke AG known as the BMW. It is a German automobile manufacturer popular for coming up with top class luxury cars.

o Jaguar Cars Limited. In 1922, it was founded as the Swallow Sidecar Company.

o Mercedes Benz, also known for manufacturing high performance and luxury cars.

o Rolls-Royce is another known brand of luxury cars. And;

o Volvo, it is also a known maker of luxury cars owned by Ford Motors Company.

Since classic cars are extremely valuable, utmost care should be given to it. Some simple tips of taking care a classic car includes taking care of the car's paint. Its paint depicts the kind of owner it has. Since it is the exterior part of the vehicle, any irregularities on it will easily be noticed. To avoid repainting avoid scratching it, and learn to wash the car to maintain its beauty. Use the proper tools in washing the car. Use cotton or paint-safe washing mitt. Dry the car properly, this will prevent water spots.

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